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Publication Standard and Policy

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Publication Standard and Policy
Publication Standard and Policy
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JASTER supports the highest standards of intellectual discourse in its publications.

All members of the publication process -- authors, editors and reviewers -- should be treated with fairness and balance, and adhere to the principles in Section of


“PUBLICATION PRINCIPLES”. The principles in this document represent a minimum set of requirements. Individual publications may have additional requirements.

A publication with additional requirements shall have a publicly available statement of publication policies and procedures.

Publication Principles

  • Authorship
    Responsibilities of Manuscript Authors
  • Referees of Manuscripts
  • Editors of JASTER 

A. Authorship

Authorship credit should be based on a substantial intellectual contribution. It is assumed that all authors have had a significant role in the creation of a manuscript that bears their names. Therefore, the list of authors on an article serves multiple purposes; it indicates who is responsible for the work and to whom questions regarding the work should be addressed. Moreover, the credit implied by authorship is often used as a measure of the contributors’ productivity when they are evaluated for employment, promotions, grants, and prizes.

a. JASTER affirm that authorship credit must be reserved for individuals who have met each of the following conditions: Made a significant intellectual contribution to the theoretical development, system or experimental design, prototype development, and/or the analysis and interpretation of data associated with the work contained in the manuscript. Contributed to drafting the article or reviewing and/or revising it for intellectual content. Approved the final version of the manuscript, including references. (Deceased persons deemed appropriate as authors should be so included with a footnote).

b. In papers with multiple authorship, the order of the authors shall be at the discretion of the authors.

c. Once the list and order of authors has been established, the list and order of authors should not be altered without permission of all living authors.

d. Any part of an article essential to its main conclusions must be the responsibility of at least one author.

e. In the case of papers with multiple authors, a “corresponding” author must be designated as having responsibility for overseeing the publication process and ensuring the integrity of the final document. The corresponding author accepts the responsibility for: Including as co-authors all persons appropriate and none inappropriate; Obtaining from all co-authors their assent to be designated as such, as well as their approval of the final version of the manuscript; and Keeping all co-authors apprised of the current status of a manuscript submitted for publication, including furnishing all co-authors with copies of the reviewers’ comments and a copy of the published version, as appropriate.


f. Co-authors have responsibility for work submitted under their names. They should remain knowledgeable in so far as possible regarding the status of the manuscript, including the nature of any revisions.

g. If a manuscript is revised and resubmitted to the same journal, co-authors should be asked by the corresponding author to reaffirm their assent to be listed as co-authors and to approve the revised version. In addition, if the manuscript is rejected or withdrawn from a journal and then submitted to a different Journal, the co-authors should be asked again by the corresponding author to affirm their assent to authorship even if no substantive changes have been made.

h. Co-authors have the right to withdraw their names from a manuscript at any time before acceptance of the manuscript by the editor. However, an author’s or co-author’s name should not be removed from a manuscript without his or her permission. The responsible editor shall be notified of any change in authorship.